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Membership Exhibition

Exhibit Dates: September 10 - October 31, 2015
Reception Date: 5 - 8 pm, September 10, 2015

Meet the Artists:

Colleen Chertos

Chertos’ passion for art started at a young age doing paint-by-number kits at her dining room table. She took 4 years of art at St. Mary's Springs, as well as many courses from all over Wisconsin including the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. As in music, her art piece orchestrates her love for nature, high notes, flat notes, sharp notes and hidden patterns of key notes.

Tom Dent

Dent's piece honors his father, Eugene Dent, who was, and still is, his hero.  A quiet, humble, and gentle man who, ironically, spent most of his career working on military engineering projects. His creativity was far different from his son’s; instead of brushes and paint, his tools were equations and slide rulers. Looking through his father’s papers Dent found his handwritten account of what resulted in his third patent, which is represented in this piece. 

Influenced by Warhol and Lichtenstein, Dent chose a fitting superhero graphic novel art style executed in bright primary colors. Red, yellow, blue and black are also the colors used on the “Hell on Wheels” shoulder patch worn by Gen. Patton’s army division…a likely user of the thermoelectric generator. 

Art is Tom Dent’s escape from his “rule-filled day job,” and where he has complete freedom of creative expression. Though photography has been his primary emphasis, recently he has created collage and mixed media pieces which give him even more freedom of expression. His compositions are strongly influenced by graphic design. For more information click here.

Nancy Donohue

Nancy Donohue is a local artist focusing on mixed water media. She’s more of an experimental artist, using many different media and techniques. Although she is mainly a painter she also creates metal jewelry & free form, slab-construction clay sculptures.  

She has lived in Fond du Lac for 38 years and has been practicing and developing her art for about 34 years. She has taken 13 week-long seminars to learn techniques as well as good design and composition.  

Sharon Garrison

Art has always been a major force in Sharon’s life. A wonderful journey that started as a child living in a small rural town and winning the Helen Mears juried art contest for 7th and 8th graders, to attending college at age 50 and earning her BFA from UW-Oshkosh. The more she learns, the more aware she is of how little she knows. In her opinion, this is the way it should be; she says, “Once we determine we know everything, growth comes to a halt.” Social media allows her to rub shoulders with some of the greatest artists of our time and keep up to date on global art news.

Sharon believes visual art should speak for itself. If it fails to “speak,” it fails as art. She lives her art while she is making it. When it is complete, it is time for the viewer to have their own dialogue with the piece, thereby allowing the work to live on. After the viewer has their dialogue, she loves to compare their thoughts to the thoughts she had during the creation of the work.

Her entry, an acrylic painting, “Starry Night”, has many layers of meaning. It incorporates bits of Marc Chagall, pre-Columbian art, African masks, and is also autobiographical in part. 

Jeanne Gilbert

Gilbert has been painting for many years, first with pastels, then oils, and then acrylics. For the past 13 years the medium of choice for her has been pastel. Gilbert uses soft and hard pastels and pastel pencils. She likes pushing color way past reality in her landscapes. One such painting is "Yellow Trees With Rocks.”

Bonnie Ann Gleason-Federman

“Art and Life. Color, texture, images, abstract and realistic, in detail and simplified. Art and Life, I love it all," Gleason-Federman said. With her passion for the outdoors and all the world has to offer, she embraces each day and her art with enthusiasm, and excitement. Not knowing what each day will bring, thrilling and scary, Art and life. 

Mixed Media is her passion, with a Major in Illustration and a Minor in Graphic Design she worked as an artist in the commercial world for 25 years. She loves all styles and mediums of art, realistic, abstract, painting and drawing and graphic design, and the delicious layers of collage. 

As she paints, each layer presents her with a chance to discover, to think, to create, to pounder the past and be amazed about the future, how colors, paints and paper overlap and create a complete story, words and all. Art and Life.

Peg Haubert

Not a day goes by that Haubert’s mind isn’t cooking up a new artistic experiment to try out behind the bustle of daily events and responsibilities that need her attention. Working with mixed media allows her to utilize an array of materials and to incorporate many of her personal interests into the work. The glyphs or ‘symbols’ that she has long found fascinating are evident in most of her mixed media work and stem from her interest in language and the development of written texts. Written language started as drawings. The marks and symbols in her work are a reminder of the fact that people have wanted to express themselves since the beginning of consciousness. They also provide background rhythm. 

Haubert views her work as a type of alchemy; a way to create something that is not easily duplicated and will not appear in limited edition prints. She wants her work to be different and still be accepted in the art community. After years of experimenting and trying to find her own style, she found a way to get the results that make it difficult to take a good photograph of the work because it loses something in the translation. The work needs to be seen up close and personal to be fully embraced or to have impact. 

Today, visual art is her life; she revels in the excitement of finding a new ingredient to cast into the mix and creating something that never existed. She enjoys being able to change her style if she feels like it, but when she wants to create a serious “Work of Art” she returns to the playful excitement hidden in this particular mixed media recipe. As with most personal recipes - she seldom shares her secrets. For more information click here. 

Amy Jarvis

Amy Jarvis is a Wisconsin artist and yoga instructor living in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. She is a Milwaukee Institute of Design (MIAD) Illustration graduate, equally dividing her time working on art, teaching yoga and volunteering in her community. She is a long-time supporter of THELMA, leading yoga classes and THELMA’s first Canvas Unplugged (open art night). For more information click here.

Frank Juarez

An artist and gallery owner based in Sheboygan, Frank Juarez works mostly in oil painting, drawing, and photography. Originally from Milwaukee, Juarez was educated at Carroll University and Marian University. Some of his most recent works combine painting and photography, and comment on the beauty of landscape while adding language to direct the viewer’s thoughts and discussions. 

His piece currently exhibited at THELMA, Stack Series No.1, is part of a growing series influenced by the architecture found along the interstate from France to Italy. The paintings are derivatives from onsite studies created via digital paintings. They are driven by a collection of certain things he feels can influence his work. In his studio he reduces those visuals into paintings through a highly edited and selective approach. For more information click here. 

Dale Knaak

Dale is a native of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He moved to Milwaukee after high school to study art. He lived in Milwaukee for 10 years, where he received the basis of his art training. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Art, he went on to study painting and drawing for five years with James Prohl of Atelier Prohl. 

Currently, he maintains a full-time fine art studio in a 1900 sq/ft warehouse in Sheboygan, WI. He divides his time between fine art drawing and painting, commissioned art and mural projects. 

Raymond Rowe

Raymond Rowe recently received his Bachelors in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He has also started working as a Elementary Art teacher in the Oshkosh Area School District. 

The piece “Maff Karo Sahib” is taken from a photograph that he took while on a recent trip to Mumbai, India. Maff Karo Sahib (maff cuurro saahib) means “forgiveness sir” in Hindi, the national language of India. This is a phrase commonly used by beggars on the streets of Mumbai.

Jerry Steffen

Steve Thimmig

Sandra Uecker

Don Urness

Don Urness is a papermaking artist from southeastern Wisconsin. Because of his interest in the environment, Urness began making paper from trash in the 1980s. He uses recycled paper pulp for his art projects which also reflect his interest in light and how it affects nature and objects. As you walk past Urness's piece, you notice how the color changes to reflect the passing of time. Urness has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education from UW-Eau Claire, and a Master’s degree in visual studies from Cardinal Stritch in Milwaukee. 

Eileen Urness

Although mostly a self-taught artist, Eileen Urness has been surrounded by art and artists most of her adult life. She has explored many areas of art including jewelry, ceramics and painting. Lately Eileen has been experimenting with Millifiori Polymer Eggs. Her technique is largely experimental and self-developed, incorporating elements of the millifiori glass technique with polymer clay on eggs. She has received several awards for her innovative techniques and attention to detail. 

Dale Van Minsel

Van Minsel’s fine art work involves creating unique images mostly using the iPhone and photo applications. He has always enjoyed creating images depicting “altered landscapes” and “possible dimensions” using whatever medium was available at the time but iPhoneography and photo applications really allow him to create unique images without additional cost or equipment limitations.

He has participated in both solo and group shows throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. Exhibits outside of Wisconsin included a national exhibition in New York City and Brazil for World Water Day 2013, as well as participation in international exhibitions in Ferrara and Verona Italy, and Paris France. For more information click here.

Mary Wehner

Mary Wehner lives on Lake Winnebago on the outskirts of Fond du Lac in the Holyland area, where the rolling landscape is filled with red barns, farm fields and hilltop churches. Things are changing—old barns are being replaced by vinyl buildings, churches are abandoned for lack of members and developments are cutting up the land. Wehner says these are “Facts of life, but, for someone who’s lived here a long time it is somewhat visually disturbing.”

Wehner does not paint from an idea, but always starts with shape and color, and at some point she turns the canvas to see what's happening. Usually it’s just abstract shapes and compositions. Then she simply refines the work. Occasionally, Wehner photographs a nearly-finished piece and tries to step back and see what’s hidden in the composition. She says this is what happened in “What Remains;” The barn and church presented themselves. She simply took it from there. Wehner believes that all ideas and images are hidden somewhere in the brain, and for her allowing them to come out with either language (she writes poetry) or through the visual arts is what keeps life exciting.

Wanda Yuhas-Weller



Andrew Redington: A Language of Old

Exhibit Dates: September 10 - October 31, 2015
Reception Date: 5 - 8 pm, September 24, 2015

Andrew Redington is a professional artist who specializes in three-dimensional work. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin where he studied metalsmithing, woodworking, and sculpture.  His artistic practice spans the spectrum of scale from bodily adornment to utilitarian design and monumental public sculpture. Andrew is a nationally exhibiting artist with work that was selected for exhibitions ranging from the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, the Union Street Gallery in Chicago and juried corporate sponsored competitions where he received merited awards. Recently his work was accepted into Stephen F. Austin State University Gallery, Nacogdoches, TX and the Members Gallery at the Furniture Society international conference in Port Townsend, WA. He has been a finalist for public works of art and most recently completed a monumental public work for the newly built Thelma Sadofff Center for the Arts.

Andrew has held a teaching position at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh since 1995 where his duties include instructing a variety of 3D, 2D and art appreciation courses and serving seven years as the Director of the Priebe Gallery. His has been involved in a multiplicity of outreach engagements and he has juried regional, professional, and high school exhibitions.

For more information, click here.


William Darling

Exhibit Dates: November 19, 2015 - January 9, 2016
Reception Date: November 19, 2015


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